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Title: Genetic variability in accessions of 'Amasya' apple cultivar using RAPD Markers
Authors: Akçay, Mehmet Emin
Uludağ Üniversitesi/Ziraat Fakültesi/Bahçe Bitkileri Bölümü.
Ertürk, Ümran
Keywords: Malus domestica borkh
Amasya generic similarity
X- domestica borkh
Molecular markers
Plant sciences
Malus x domestica
Issue Date: Jul-2010
Publisher: Univ AGR SCI & Veterinary MED Cluj-Napoca
Citation: Etürk, Ü. ve Akçay, M. (2010). "Genetic variability in accessions of 'Amasya' apple cultivar using RAPD Markers". Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca, 38(3), 239-245.
Abstract: Amasya is a native and standard cultivar for commercial apple (Mains domestica Borkh) production in Turkey The aim of this study was to determine the genetic variability among some accessions of Amasya apple cultivar Ten Amasya accessions all selected from agronomic evaluations and Granny Smith (as control) were analyzed by RAPD marker technique Of the total 441 RAPD loci that were amplified by 38 random primers 180 were polymorphic with 39 98% diversity Cluster analysis divided the apples into two major clusters the first cluster Involved 10 accessions of Amasya and the second cluster comprised Granny Smith
ISSN: 0255-965X
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