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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The effects of substrate and cultivar in quality of strawberryAmeri, Atefe; Tehranifar, Ali; Davarynejad, Gholam Hossein; Shoor, Mahmoud
2015-10-08Regeneration of two sweet cherry cultivars cvs. "bing" and "dovomras" in vitroZamanipour, Mahbube; Tehranifar, Ali; Moghadam, Ebrahim Ganji; Abedi, Bahram
2011Effect of ethanol, methanol and essential oils as novel agents to improve vase-life of alstroemeria flowersBazaz, Azadeh Mousavi; Tehranifar, Ali
2011The effects of shrub pruning and fruit thinning on seed germination and seedling of tomato in the next generation (lycopersicon esculentum mill)Tabasi, Atefeh; Nemati, Hossein; Tehranifar, Ali; Akbari, Mohammad
2012Effect of humic acid on nutrient uptake and physiological characteristic fragaria ananassa var: CamarosaAmeri, Atefe; Tehranifar, Ali
2010Turfgrass seedling height and quality in paclobutrazol- treated seeds of lolium perenne l. barrage and festuca arundinacea l. masterShahrokhi, Mahsa; Tehranifar, Ali; Hadizadeh, Haniye; Selahvarzi, Yahya
2011How may trichoderma application affect vegetative and qualitative traits in tulip “darwin hybride” cultivarMazhabi, Morteza; Nemati, Hossein; Rouhani, Hamid; Tehranifar, Ali; Moghadam, Esmat Mahdikhani; Kaveh, Hamed
2014-07-05Effects of essential oils to control rhizopus stolonifer in vitro and in vivo on strawberryMohammadi, Samane; Aroiee, Hossein; Aminifard, Mohammad Hossein; Tehranifar, Ali; Jahanbakhsh, Vahid
2011Effect of essential oils, ethanol and methanol to extend the vase-life of carnation (dianthus caryophyllus L.) flowersFariman, Zahra Karimian; Tehranifar, Ali
2011Effect of drought stress and paclobutrazol- treated seeds on physiological response of festuca arundinacea L. master and lolium perenne L. barrageShahrokhi, Mahsa; Tehranifar, Ali; Hadizadeh, Haniye; Selahvarzi, Yahya