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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-01The mosaics of the domus I of the plaza de armas of the royal alcazar in roman colonia augusta firma - astigi (écija, seville, Spain) - IVega, Sergio García Dils De La; Agulla, Salvador Ordonez
2021-08-05The mosaic decoration of Peristylia in Roman villae and Domus of western Lusitania (Portugal). The interrelationship between Domestic space planning and the chosen Peristyle flooringKremer, Maria de Jesus Duran
2019-09-13Some considerations on the interplay composition - SurfaceKremer, Maria de Jesus Duran
2021-11-30About the 16th Colloquium of the International Association for the Study of the Ancient Mosaic AIEMA in Conímbriga, Rabaçal, São Simão and Santiago da Guarda, with excursion to Alter do Chão, Mértola, Milreu and Faro, 11th to 15th July 2025Pessoa, Miguel; Rodrigo, Lino; Sales, Pedro
2018Common aspects of the mosaics of Sardinia, North Africa and Iberian Peninsula in the light of recent discoveriesQuattrocchi, Luigi
2017The mosaics of Conimbriga (prov. Lusitania, Portugal). New observations on the activity of their workshops and on their decorative programsCorreia, Virgílio Hipólito
2018From the Roman Mosaic to the Portuguese pavement: Continuity of an artistic expression in time and spaceKremer, Maria de Jesus Duran
2020-08-03A study of three mosaics donated to the archaeological museum D. Diogo de Sousa in Braga (Portugal)Abraços, Fatima; Wrench, Licinia; Mourao, Catia
2021-08-26Roman mosaics of Antequera. An overviewVargas-Vázquez, Sebastián; Pérez, Manuel Romero
2020-08-07On the representation of ganymede in the roman mosaic of the loves of zeus from astigi (baetica)Jimenez, Luz Neira