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Title: Organic meat and milk production potential from small ruminants in Turkey
Authors: Uludağ Üniversitesi/Ziraat Fakültesi/Bitki Koruma Bölümü.
İlknur, Ak
Koyuncu, Mehmet
Keywords: Agriculture
Food science & technology
Organic meat
Organic milk
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers
Citation: Ak, İ. ve Koyuncu, M. (2002). "Organic meat and milk production potential from small ruminants in Turkey". EAAP European Association for Animal Production Organic Publication, Meat and Milk From Ruminants, 106, 233-236.
Abstract: Turkey is a major producer of small ruminants. The ecological conditions are particularly suitable for rearing small ruminants on traditional systems using grassland and indigenous breeds. Production levels per animals are usually low as the productivity of grasslands is poor. Sheep and goat meat and milk products are very popular with consumers. The demand for organic products is now increasing and goat and sheep rearing offers great potential for the production of organic meat and milk.
Description: Bu çalışma, 4-6 Ekim 2001 tarihlerinde Atina[Yunanistan]'da düzenlenen Conference on Organic Meat and Milk from Ruminants'da bildiri olarak sunulmuştur.
ISBN: 90-76998-08-6
ISSN: 0071-2477
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