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Title: Floral and geometrical motives of the pavement mosaics in East and West. The example of the Roman villa of Abicada
Other Titles: Doğu ve Batıda kaldırım mozaiklerinin çiçek ve geometrik motifleri. Roma Abicada villası örneği
Authors: Kremer, Maria de Jesus Duran
Keywords: Mosaics
Decorative discourse
East and west
Floral and geometrical motiv
Doğu ve batı
Dekoratif söylem
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Uludağ Üniversitesi
Citation: Kremer, M. J. D. (2012). "Floral and geometrical motives of the pavement mosaics in east and west. The example of the Roman villa of Abicada". Journal of Mosaic Research, 5, 59-70.
Abstract: Even if the figurative mosaics are usually the ones to catch the attention of the archeologists and the public, we cannot deny the meaning of the geometrical and the floral motives for the study of the mosaics landscape in the roman world. The combination of the different motives, the colors chosen for each motive and their combination can help to identify the influences that determined the making of the pavements. East and West of the Roman Empire are no exceptions to this phenomenon.
ISSN: 1309-047X
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